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Diabetes Care Report: Pandemic fosters remote care, digital technologies Chain Drug Review, March 15, 2021 (print edition)


This article on remote care and digital technologies features an interview with Matt Jewett and Ascensia and Abbott executives. Matt provides insight into post-pandemic telehealth services and highlights Roche solutions, including mySugr and RDCP.
Roche, Diabeloop, and Dexcom AID system launches in Europe and Roche Diabetes Care Platform launches in the US Close Concerns, March 13, 2021


The article highlights RDCP's pattern detection capabilities and the strip management (hospital pick up + home delivery) services not offered in the US market. As Close Concerns has a global audience, they chose to include the services available in other countries.
The key to unlocking the value of the digital revolution Med-Tech Innovation News, February 15, 2021


Graeme Harvey, digital product marketing manager at Roche Diabetes Care, explains how clinical teams navigate myriad challenges amidst providing more remote care, new digital platforms offer opportunities to help improve patient outcomes.
Podcast: How to Uber a Diabetes Business Before It Gets Kodak-ed Digital Health Today 360, February 5, 2021


Podcast on digital health featuring Roche’s Adam Berman. Note that the discussion begins at 3 minutes mark, following some promos. The discussion calls out Roche’s H&DS solutions, including RocheDiabetes Health Connect, mySugr, RocheDiabetes Care Platform, and Sulli the Diabetes Guru.
Planning for the digital healthcare needs of tomorrow Healthcare Digital, November 14, 2020


E. Graeme Harvey is a Digital Product Marketing Manager at Roche. He tells us how to plan for the needs of the digital healthcare platforms of tomorrow